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St Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School Admissions 2021

The Governing Board wish to clarify how the faith-based oversubscription criteria for Catholic applicants will be interpreted for admission of pupils in September 2021. (See Admissions Policy 2021-22).

  • Parents/carers are required to sign the declaration that they “attend Sunday Mass at least once a month and have done so for at least one year prior to the closing date for applications” (15 January 2021).
  •  This has not been possible from April 2020 due to Covid-19, because the church has been closed for public worship, the Sunday obligation to attend Holy Mass has been suspended, and the parent/carer may have been taking account of Government guidance concerning shielding and protecting persons.
  • The parent/carer will be considered to have attended Mass during this period if they had previously attended Mass at least once a month from January 2020.
  •   The Parish Priest will be able to countersign the declaration if the parent/carer has attended Mass prior to April 2020.
Fr Eamonn's Blog

NHS Test and Trace

From Friday September 18th churches are obliged to keep records of those attending ceremonies. Initially this will be done by writing down your first name and phone number as is done in restaurants.

From September 24th the NHS Test and Trace app will be available and those with smart phones will be able to scan a QR code which will be displayed at the church so that people can report their location directly to the NHS for track and trace purposes.

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Missio Boxes

If anybody wishes to bring their Missio box in, there will be a box available in Church next week.

Please put your name on your box. We will empty it and then you can collect it from Church at a later date.

Alternatively, you can empty and count it yourself and then pay using the information below: