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The Easter ceremonies of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil will be celebrated by Father Eamonn alone in the church. These ceremonies will not be recorded and parishioners are asked to participate in spirit in their homes and, if possible to tune in to live streaming of the ceremonies in the Cathedral or a church of your choice. Our nearest neighbour Father Miceal has been live streaming Masses from St. Thomas of Canterbury and he will endeavour to do the same with the Easter ceremonies.

Arundel Cathedral website and live weblink:

Parish of the Good Shepherd Facebook link for live streaming:

Other live streaming services:–e8vSmr4Irk77hyw31hrWk

Holy Thursday April 9th: Mass of the Lord’s Supper: 7.30pm followed by Watching at the Tabernacle in the Sanctuary

Good Friday April 10th: 3.00pm Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion.

Holy Saturday April 11th: 8.00pm Easter Vigil.

Easter Sunday April 12th: Mass 10.00am

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Offertory Donations

Parishioners have been asking how they can make their offertory donations during this coronavirus pandemic. If you would like to donate directly to our bank account the details are as follows:


Bank: HSBC

Sortcode: 40 05 20

Account number: 61 07 71 55

Account Name: St. Mary Star of the Sea Hastings


You can donate to the parish via the diocese at


You can always save your weekly envelopes until we get back to normal.

Fr Eamonn's Blog

Coronavirus Update March 23, 2020

St. Mary Star of the Sea Church – Pallottine Fathers

March 23, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement this evening the church of St. Mary Star of the Sea will remain closed as part of the effort to deal with the coronavirus. I’m sorry that this has to happen as I had hoped the church could be a quiet place of prayer and refuge during these difficult times as was the case over the past two days.

I will continue to pray and offer Mass within the church, praying for all of you, united with you in spirit and I will continue to record Mass and other forms of prayer that may help you during this time.

The following thoughts came to me during my walk tonight and I have written them in my blog:

“It is a time of spiritual fasting. In a way it’s like fasting on the absence of Jesus who once said that the time would come when the Bridegroom would be taken away from them and that would be the time to fast. It’s the absence felt by the disciples in the Upper Room that first Easter evening when they were shut away in fear and uncertainty. Though Jesus was in fact risen and alive, they did not know it, did not feel His presence until He appeared among them. Ours is a liturgical absence – for the people the absence of Jesus in the Eucharist, for me the priest it is the absence of the community of the people.”

I know that you are all concerned for my well-being during this time and I am so grateful for all the messages of support and offers of help that have come to me. The coronavirus has brought out the kindness that is in people but I did not need the virus to tell me that, because I already knew the great kindness of this Parish Community. Know that I am fine and am well used to solitude but if I need help, I will send out the word. Wishing you every blessing, protection and peace.

United in Love and Prayer,

Father Eamonn

Parish Priest