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Church Guidelines April 2021

April 15, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

I hope you’re able to enjoy some of the relaxed restrictions and that you enjoy this good weather even if it is colder than usual.

Over the past few weekends, it has been wonderful to see how many people are attending Masses, a joy to see the numbers of children present, how well behaved they are without the help of the children’s liturgy. This good news presents us with some challenges in terms of maintaining safe social distancing. To help ease the congestion we will resume the Saturday morning Mass at 10am and invite those who can to attend this one or one of the other weekday Masses on Wednesday and Friday. The Sunday obligation remains suspended. The 10am Mass on Sunday tends to have the highest concentration of children so, if possible, please leave this Mass for families with young children.

We have noticed recently that there is a gathering of people at the back during Communion and afterwards for the collection, so we need to do something about this.

The basic rule of our one-way system is to follow the direction of the arrows at all times. So, I ask you to approach Holy Communion from the centre pews first, then return by the one-way system down the side aisles. Please do not take a short cut through the pews. When people in the centre pews have received, those in the side aisles may approach the altar, beginning from the back row, through the porch, down the centre aisle and return via the one-way system.

Baskets for the offertory collection will be left out in advance at the end of every other pew. This should help ease the congestion at the doors at the end of Mass. Within the current restrictions are still not allowed to mingle freely so please bear this in mind when Mass has ended.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and your care for the wellbeing of others.

Wishing you every blessing in the Love of the Lord,

Father Eamonn

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