Fr Eamonn's Poems

Pardon in the Sand

I am the woman
Discovered undercover
Caught in the act
Exhumed from hiding
Beneath skin and flesh
The secret desirings
Of heart and mind

I am the boy
Who took refuge there
A place of escape
And safe solace
My habitual habitation

I am every one
Who exists on the outside
The other side of right

And there is nothing
That will not be revealed
In the end

And this is my end

The law abiding strong
Throng my orthodox accuser
With only one solution
The right of righteousness

I am petrified
Panic stricken stood bowed
Barely able to breathe

What will the first
Struck stone feel like?

What part of me
Will bleed and break
Before I am all blood broken
Bone splintered?

I gasp for air
For life

But God is merciful
He who alone is Good
Stands upright
Sees all that I am – ALL –
Absorbs me into Himself

He bends down
So that my bending
Now has no shame in it

And He writes my Pardon
In the sand.

Great is His Name

– Father Eamonn Monson SAC (

Fr Eamonn's Poems

St. Catherine’s Heart

Prise open the night
The clammed shut tightness
Of  the wounded heart O God

And let Light enter
Where fear has taken hold
Timidity hiding behind the door

Cowering lest the cruel word
Should penetrate once more
Leaving it raw exposed

I will give you a new Heart
Says the Lord
The Heart pierced through
Broken open

My own strong Heart
By which you can 
Go on living

One beat
One moment
No set expectations

In Spirit

– Father Eamonn Monson SAC (

Fr Eamonn's Poems

Aleph (Sacred Quiet)

You take me away
To Aleph when creation was
Not yet begun

Inserting my life
Into that Silence before
Speech was born

Word waiting eternally
Spirit hovering
Making sense

Of the senseless
Formless void

Here in the Sacred
Quiet, my Father
I wait

For You to speak

In the tumult
Of Creating Love
Like crashing waves


The Life that bids me
Leap from solid ground
Into the air

And carried where
The wild enfolding
Breath of Spirit goes

You are ever

My Alpha and Omega
Beginning and my End
The Aleph and the Tav

– Father Eamonn Monson SAC (