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World Meeting of Families

Dear one and all,

I do hope that you are all safe and well .

I wonder if I could ask for your support by raising the awareness of “the World Meeting of Families” that is part of this year’s celebration and focus as a worldwide Church.

Historically, part of the joy of coming together, involved the physical travel of families to a location somewhere across the world, the last event was held in Dublin and this year was planned to be in Rome. But for obvious reasons the concept of travelling together from across the globe is not the best of ideas in the current circumstances.

With this in mind, the Vatican and our Bishop are still very keen for the celebration of “family life” to go ahead this year, but within our own Parishes. There will be lots of webinars , Liturgies and talks available via the Vatican on Zoom or pre recorded and for more details check  out the Vatican link –  World Meeting of Families 2022 Rome – #WMOF22 (

To prepare ourselves and to think about what we can do at a local level, we are going to hold a planning and idea sharing webinar on MONDAY 28th FEBRUARY at 7.30p.m.  Could I ask you to share this with your Parish community and try to encourage a representative to come forward from the parish to join us on the evening . The evening will consist of an explanation of the ambitions of the event and then a chance to share your ideas of how to bring and celebrate the vocation of family life within your parish.   

To register the parish reps attendance please go to the A&B website – Events  via this link  – Events | Arundel & Brighton Diocese (  (28th February event)

 Thank you so much for all you are doing and God bless you all,


Deacon Simon South
Marriage and Family Life Project Officer

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