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Assisted Suicide Bill: Resources

Bishop Richard’s Pastoral Letter

Dear CLN friends,

 A very quick ‘heads up’ regarding this Sunday’s pastoral letter:

 The letter concerns Baroness Meacher’s Private Member’s Bill which would, if passed, legalise assisted suicide. It is due to have its Second Reading in the Lords on October 22nd.

 The letter is attached as sent to the parishes. As you will see it was intended to include a link to some helpful resources on this on the Bishops’ Conference website. Unfortunately the link provided is not correct. It has now been corrected on the Diocesan website (  but, obviously, not in the version that has already been sent out to all parishes for distribution to parishioners (and in the Diocesan e-news).

 The incorrect link provided is:

 The correct link is:

 I fear, if not addressed, this is going to hamper people in responding to the appeal to lobby. So if you could flag it up to your parish priest (and to other parishes if you have suitable contacts – or to your local Dean?) that would be great.

Hope all is well. Thanks and God bless,


 CLN co-ordinator

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