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Deacon Stephen O’Brien

Deacon Stephen O’Brien from our parish will be ordained a priest on Sunday July 4th at Arundel Cathedral and he will celebrate Holy Mass with us in this parish for the first time on Thursday July 8th at 7.30pm. It is a very proud moment for his mother Margueritte and for all of us. Warm good wishes to Stephen and  every blessing. Please keep him in your prayers as he prepares for this great moment in his life.

4 thoughts on “Deacon Stephen O’Brien”

  1. You are in our prayers, Stephen, as the Great Day approaches. We remember you as a teenage altar server and are so glad that the next time we see you, you will be a priest at the altar. Praise and thanks to God.


  2. Congratulations Stephen, have a wonderful day, you will be in Sandie’s and my prayers. God bless. Love Eileen xx


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