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Closure of the church January 2021

January 14, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

Reluctantly I have come to the decision to close our church for the time being from Friday January 15th because we are not able to ensure the required level of safety during this period of the coronavirus. It’s a decision that was made in consultation with Bishop Richard and with many others, most of whom have been urging me to close since the current lockdown began. My heart is torn with this and it is a decision that no priest wants to make but it is for the health and safety of the whole community.

The recent changes in my own ministry have also brought home to me more clearly the seriousness of the situation. Anointing people who have the virus is profoundly inspiring and an essential ministry but I do have concerns that my contact with them could be a source of risk for parishioners. For now, the ministry to the sick and the dying, whether they be in their own home, in hospital or care homes, is a priority. Two days ago, I was called to the Conquest to anoint a woman who had the virus. She has since died and it has meant the world to her family that she had a priest with her near the end. May she rest in peace.

I am grateful for all those who have worked so hard over the past year to keep our church safe and I urge everyone to accept the seriousness of the situation and the responsibilities we have towards each other as Catholic Christians.

Masses will continue to be recorded and posted on YouTube, facebook and the parish website. The situation will be kept under review and we will open again as soon as possible.

Know that you are all held with love in my heart and in my prayers. God bless you.

Warmest regards,

Father Eamonn

5 thoughts on “Closure of the church January 2021”

  1. Bless you Eamonn. At the end I can think of only one other I’d want to be there. You are in the business of risk and you mirror our Lord.


  2. Thank Fr Eamonn, What difficult times for you and for everyone. I will continue to watch mass on line, your masses are so beautiful and helpful, a time of spiritual nourishment. Your work in anointing the seriously ill and dying is truly wonderful and so important for individuals snd families, yet please take care and I’ll pray for you. Such dreadfully sad times for so many families. We count our blessings. I have greatly missed coming over to mass at St Mary, Star of the Sea and look forward to the future when it is right and safe to be together as a church family in our church at mass together. God bless and keep safe. Marian Ham 🎶 x

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  3. It is such a comfort to know that those families affected by COVID-19 have you close by to give them support. Your warmth and love for all of us is inspirational. Thank you for all you do for us.


  4. Thanks so much for your compassion and extraordinary service under divine guidance you too are in our prayers


  5. Completely understand Father Eamonn. We will pray this will pass and that all remain safe. We will see you when the church re opens.


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