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Public Masses to Resume on July 4th

Dear Parishioners,

We have been waiting these three months or more to have Mass together again and happily we will begin this on Saturday morning July 4th when we return to our regular Mass schedule. For the moment it is a case of feeling our way! Restrictions regarding distance and space remain in place which means our capacity is greatly reduced and it is vital that we continue to be careful for the safety and wellbeing of all, ensuring to the best of our ability that we do not put ourselves or anyone else at risk. This is a basic Christian attitude.

During the coronavirus pandemic there is still no obligation to attend Mass on Sunday, so I’m inviting people who are free to attend on a weekday to do so in order to leave space for those who can only to attend on weekends. It would also be advisable and safer for those who are vulnerable to the virus – because of age or underlying illness – to attend Mass on a weekday rather than on Sunday.

There will be no altar servers, no children’s liturgy but you might wish to bring your own drawing/colouring materials for your own child only and these should be taken home with you after Mass. There will be no singing but music might be played. There will be no offertory procession which is a loss for me and for the children. Collection baskets will be placed at the entrance and exit. Sincere thanks to all who have sent in their regular donations throughout the lockdown.

  • You are invited to arrive 10 minutes earlier than usual to allow for everyone to be seated socially distanced
  • Face masks may be worn but are not compulsory
  • Everyone must sanitise their hands upon entry and exit
  • We will maintain the 2metre spacing
  • Single blue chairs will be placed at the end of the groups of closed pews in both side aisles specifically for single persons to use if they wish
  • All will be seated from the front to back, to allow for maximum safe occupation. You might not get to sit in your usual place!
  • When all available pews are filled, I invite remaining parishioners to stand on the plaza outside – hoping the weather will allow!
  • I ask smaller households to sit together in the available pews in the side aisles
  • Larger households or two combined households may sit together in available pews in the main aisles
  • Readers are asked not to touch either the microphone or the Lectionary. It might be advisable to wear gloves just in case!
  • For Holy Communion a steward will guide the people of each pew in turn to form a line. Hand sanitiser will be available for use before you receive. Communion will be received on the hand only. Please stretch out your hand as far as possible with palm open upwards. No words are to be spoken. Be assured that the communion breads are not touched by anyone before Mass. They are poured into a sanitised ciborium. Deacon Duncan and I will sanitise our hands before distributing Holy Communion.
  • At the end of Mass single persons should leave first, then small households, then the larger groups. All should leave by the one-way system. Follow the arrows and EXIT signs.

Thanks to all who have given valuable advice on how to proceed with this next phase in our life together, to those who have looked after the church as stewards and cleaners. We will review the situation as we go on and I thank you for your patience! God bless you all.

Father Eamonn

ps For health and safety reasons we are not allowed to have the public toilets open except in case of emergency.


Saturday (Vigil) – 6pm
Sunday – 10:00am & 11:30am
Daily Mass (Tuesday to Saturday) – 10:00am
Holy Days – 10:00am & 7:30pm

Morning Prayer & Adoration
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 9:30am

Every Saturday – 10.30am

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